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As a young child, I found the greatest satisfaction by drawing the world around me. This evolved into a strong interest in painting and diversified into design, computer arts and graphic design. Unsure yet of what direction to pursue, I found strong guidance and help by my mentors and professors at OTIS College of Art and Design in Los Angeles, California. 

Continuing my education at Memphis College of Arts, my passion blossomed and in May of 2009, I received my BFA with an emphasis in illustration. While still attending school, I quickly got exposure to the real world, by enrolling into several different internships. Having worked with a wide variety of companies, I continue my work in design and illustration and also free-lance for galleries and various companies while allowing my marketing and design skills to grow.

I see myself as a budding artist who dabbles in a wide field of talents. Besides having a musical background, with vocal and theatric performances, I also create illustrations, animations, paintings and satyrical art to name just a few. In the future, I anticipate working on Children's books, Adult Cartoons, Political Satire, and Concept Designs for businesses. My appetite for creativity is voracious, my output is prolific! I will keep my mind open for options, as doors seem to be opening up when I least expect them. My general outlook is very upbeat, but I take nothing for granted. 

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